Monday – Rest day 

Tuesday – 8km target, 8km run. 5:28 ave per km, several of them at my target pace for the half, so a bit fast for a training run. I put this down to new running shoes which are way springer than my old ones which have about 1000km in them and are kind of shot in terms of support and cushioning.  I’m breaking the new ones in gradually, hope to have them settled in for the half in less than 2 weeks. My knee is pretty sore/achy now. Was fine during the run but sore now. Am ignoring it and hoping it goes away. Or at least doesn’t blow up until after the half. 

Fresh crepes. Bouncy!

Wednesday – 8km target, 8.3km run. Got a bit lost on an unfamiliar route so ran a bit more than intended. Bit sore in general, noticing a difference wearing my old runners now, harder going. Might be imagining it.

Thursday- 12.8km target, 12.8km run. Hear that twang? That was my left hamstring.  Gaaarrhhh! That has properly fubarred my final prep for the half marathon in 10 days time. About half way through my run this evening I tripped and in the act of preventing a faceplant, stretched my hammy too much. Not sure if I’ve just tweaked it, pulled it or torn it. Guessing not torn, it’s not that painful. I ran the rest of my run, slightly gingerly but with no real pain.  I sat on an ice pack for half an hour when I got in but it is now tightening up pretty hard. I’ll rest it tomorrow as planned, ice it a bunch and we’ll see how we go at the weekend. Very bummed out at this point, I fear the half is a washout.

Friday  – rest day, in every sense.  Much application of ice and foam roller during the day. 
Saturday – 4.8km target, zero run. Hamstring actually much improved compared to yesterday, can’t have done too much damage. No running today though. Might do a short run tomorrow, we’ll see.

Sunday  – 12.8km target, zilch run. Hamstring fading away but still reminds me it’s there every now and again. Decided not to run as I think I pulled or strained something else in the same stumble. Top of my left leg, top of IT band, hip flexor maybe. A lot like the injury I had prior to last year’s Half which I foolishly ran through and then was on the sidelines for months. The other leg this time. Once I get moving it’s OK but getting moving is sore.  I am resigned now to no running in week 12 except possibly for the half itself, if I can convince myself that’s a good idea. Grrr.