Big week, peak mileage in the plan.

Monday -Rest day

Swans. In a field. Weird.

Tuesday- 4 1 mile intervals, 4 1 mile intervals run. Heavy legs after the 10k race just 2 days before. I did manage to stick to a more sensible interval pace though, more like 4:40 or 4:50 per km.

Wednesday – 9.6km, 9.5km run. Dull dull dull.
Thursday – 11.2km target, 11.2 km run, OMFG.  This was hard work.  Legs very tired and a bit sore after what feels like a lot of running over the last few days. A real slog. Taxi was a tempting option at a number of junctures. Very glad of the rest day tomorrow. Not looking forward to the nearly 30k I need to run over the weekend. On the plus side, this is the toughest week in the plan, eases off a bit till the race itself.

Friday – rest day 

Saturday – 9.6km target, 9.7km run. That rest day works wonders. Felt good. 

Thames looking good in the sunshine

Sun was shining, nice temperature for running. I ran along the Thames near Sonning for a few km. Muddy in places but not too bad. 5:41 average pace.

Sunday – 19.2km target, 18.7km run. Slightly short on the distance but close enough for government work. Manky weather for the most part, pissed rain and windy. The sun did come out for the last few km so I did partly dry out.

There a couple of nasty uphill sections on my local long run route which didn’t improve my mood. Difficult to convey the steepness in a photo.