Final week before the half on 19th 

Monday – Rest day

Tuesday – 8km target, zero run.  Still resting up. Hamstring is not sore unless I move suddenly or try hard to find the right stretch. Bodes well. However, top of left groin still painful just walking.

Wednesday  – 8km target, zero run. As above. Spectacular bruise on my leg where the hamstring pull was/is. Looks like I was done over with a baseball bat. 

Photo doesn’t fully do it justice…

Thursday  – 12.8km target, zero run. Less sore today, half might be back on…

Friday  – rest day. Groin not sore, knee not sore, hammy not sore. Promising. Will do a short run tomorrow, see how I go.

Saturday – 4.8km target, nada run. Intended to do a short run but figured I’ll just wing it tomorrow, race day.

Start zone

Sunday – race day, half marathon! 21 and a bit km duly run. Hamstring and associated tweaks not a bother on race day. Popped a couple of ibuprofen at breakfast just in case.  I’ll do a separate race report but the basics are an average pace of 5:12 per km, total time of 1:51:00, about 4 minutes under last year’s time so a personal best at this distance. Pretty happy with that, considering the recent injury woes.  

Next race is a 10k towards the end of May, a nice flat one so a pb in the offing I hope. Have to decide whether to sign up for the Windsor Half in September….