​​repeating week 6 and 7 to keep the plan in synch with the half marathon. I started it 2 weeks early. Oops.

Monday, rest day.

Tuesday, x3 1 mile intervals. Epic fail. Had to work from home today, not normally a running issue except I left my running shoes at work. No spares! So no running for me today. Doh. On the basis that this is an extra week in the training plan, not going to stress about it too much. 

Wednesday, target 6.4km, 6.4km duly run. Steady eddy tonight. Ave pace 5:56 per km, slow start but km 2 to 6 were bang on 5:50 pace, happy with that for a training run. Entirely uneventful otherwise.  

Thursday, target 9.6km, 9.75 run. Quite cold but soon warmed up. Head light ran out of charge half way so had to take a slight unplanned but well lit route back. No niggles although calve’s a bit tight towards the end. Possibly not enough water on board. Ave pace 5:54 per km, fairly steady pace throughout. 

Friday, rest day

Saturday, target 8km, 8.9km run. Chiĺly again but soon warmed up. Felt good, but a bit fast.  I think the day off adds a spring to my step. 5:37 average pace per km.

Sunday, target 14.4km. Actually did 11.2km as I realised that in fact I didn’t add 2 weeks into the plan, just 1. Need to work on my basic arithmetic. Next week is week 8 so no need to repeat week 7. Bit fast today at times though it didn’t feel like it too much. 5:40 average pace per km. Feeling it a bit in my lower legs and ankles,will benefit from a massage later.