​Monday – Rest day

Tuesday  – x3 mile intervals. Well, I ran the three intervals but with some pain due to, of all things, trapped wind! I was not concentrating on pace and so ended up motoring more than I meant to. No jokes about jet power. First mile about 4.30 km pace, second mile about 4.10 km pace and mile 3 fluctuating around 4.00 pkm which is mental fast for me. Feeling it a bit now (couple hours later) in my legs. Probably overdid it a bit.

Wednesday – 4.8km target, 4.9km run. Point to point run, uneventful. Am aware of a few new tweaks and niggles, I would guess from my over-exertions yesterday. Serves me right. Easy does it from here on. Ave pace 5:40 per km but actually 4 out of 5 were faster than they should be will aim for glacial for tomorrow’s 5 miler. 

Thursday- 8km target, 8km run. Generally ok but felt sore towards the end, aches and pains.  One of those “what on earth am I doing this for” moments at the end. Still, good pace at 5:51 ave per km and pretty even splits. Foam roller later on has helped a bit. Glad of a rest day tomorrow. Got my half marathon race number etc in the post today. Still a ways off but good to have it stashed away.

Friday- rest day 

Saturday- 4.8km, 5.2km run. Easy does it, nice basic jog. Bang on 5:50 ave pace, fastest was 5:41 so managed to keep it slow. Just as I was thinking ‘fab, nothing hurts’ at about 3.5km my right calf started to tighten up a bit, followed by the meat at the left front of my left shin. Nothing inhibiting but a bit sore. Nurofen is my friend, along with his sidekick, foam roller.

Sunday- 11.2km target, 11.2km run. Lovely run. Bit chilly at first but the sun came out for a nice winter morning. 

Pace started off nice and easy then gradually got faster  – last 3km were all about 5.20 splits. Didn’t feel like I was rushing or pushing it, just in the zone I guess.  Ave pace 5:38 overall. No particular niggles to speak of either. Jolly good.

I’m going to repeat weeks 6 and 7 since I started the plan 2 weeks early, it turns out.