​Monday, rest day.

Tuesday, x3 1 mile intervals, 5k pace. Firstly, came off my bike on the way to the station this morning, bit of ice on the towpath. Fortunately not going very fast, but came down on my right hip and squished my left shin a little.  Neither of those particularly hurt, but will see how I do when I run on it later tonight. Most pain is from left arm/shoulder where I landed awkwardly. To top it all, chain links bent in the process so bike not rideable. Complicates logistics a little bit…

Not me, but difference by degree only!

…so anyway, the run. 3x 1 mile intervals at 5k pace.  For me that should be 5 minutes splits (per km) or less. I went with a 160 bpm playlist and knocked out 3 miles at about 4:30 to 4:45 per km pace, with some gentle jogging slash staggering between. I was a bit out of puff in the last miler but I’m happy with that as a speed session. No apparent ill effects from my traction failure in the morning. Best of all my better half collected the bike during the day and got the chain and cassette swapped out so I just had to pick up the bike from Decathlon, all sorted.

Wednesday, target 6.4km, 7km run, Google maps lied to me about the distance from point to point, so overshot the target. Never mind. 5:44 ave pace, nice and easy does it. Feeling a bit heavy in the legs, probably after the intervals yesterday, foam roller causing some girlish squeals, bit sore “do you have to make that noise?”says Mrs J. 6 miles to do tomorrow evening, seems a lot for a midweeker. 

Thursday, target 9.6km, 9.8km run. Very fricking cold. Few degrees of wind chill makes a big difference. Still. 5:50 ave splits, spot on for pace. Route seemed like a good idea but hadn’t fully appreciated the fact that it had two hills, including THAT hill. Glad I had the head lamp on as a couple of sections were unlit. That, and it’s amazing how many tools ride their bikes in the dark, on the pavement, no lights. 

I know how he feels.

Friday, rest day

Saturday, target 8km, 8.2km run, 5:45 ave pace per km, quite uneven splits. Unfamiliar route, nice though, bit muddy in places where the path was churned up by horses. Tomorrow’s 9 miler will feel tough I think, legs feeling a bit heavy.

Sunday, target 14.4km, 14.5km run. Haven’t run this route since prepping for last year’s Reading Half. Nice run, although I’d forgotten how chuffing steep the long hill at about half way is. Path Hill I think it’s called. Generally I was in splendid isolation today but just as I was gearing up for the hill a fellow runner started up the hill ahead of me. I might have been inclined to stop and have a breather half way up but she carried on running at a steady pace, setting an excellent example I felt obliged to follow to the top. Needed a brief rest stop at the top though, I was gasping for air like a landed fish. 5:41 ave pace, some fast some slow. Shins, calves and top of achilles are sore, will roll them later. Big mileage this week, achieved the target. Eases off a little in wk7 but then cranks right back up again on wk8.