Monday – Rest day

Tuesday – target 6 hills, 5-10k pace. 6 hills duly run. Truly, I hate that hill.

Wednesday – 4.8km target, 4.8km run. Easy pace, bit of soreness left shin. Foam roller seems to help.

Thursday – 6.4km target, 6.4km run. Fairly even splits, 5:45 ave pace. Chilly, took a couple of kilometers for hands to defrost. Bit of a slog in general, tbh, sore shin blah blah. Still, rest day tomorrow.

Friday – rest day

Saturday – 4.8km target, 5.4km run, a bit fast at 5:36 ave km pace. Nice run in beautiful wintry sunshine. Hardly a soul out.

Sunday – 11.2km target, 11.2 run, very satisfactory precisely 7 mile loop, love it when that happens! Very cold but a good run. Bit fast at 5.33 ave splits, if I had a running coach they would have been yelling at me to slow down, I reckon. Still, enjoyed the run, very crisp and sunny, -6c.

Fun starts next week as the mileage begins to ramp up considerably…