For runs 8k or less I don’t need much more than a swiftly scoffed banana before heading out. For more distance than that I need more substantial fuel on board. My long runs are usually Sunday morning so it’s normally breakfast for fuel. I’ve heard porridge is a good fuel but I don’t like it. More accurately I don’t like the idea of it – bowl of warm sick is the image it conjures for me – nice! Bizarrely though, I’m quite happy to take oats on board in the following form:

  • 2 bananas, each broken into 3 or 4 pieces. Riper is better.
  • Handful of frozen fruit, whatever there is in the freezer. Pineapple and raspberries this week. Of course use fresh if you have it. 
  • A few dates, pitted, dried figs ok too
  • A few large dollops of plain yoghurt
  • Porridge oats, dry. Not sure how much, I usually go on depth of layer in the blender. About 1 inch!
  • Squirt of honey
  • Pint and a half of milk, ish. Add as you go until it looks pourable. I use semi-skimmed, choose your poison. 

All of that gets blitzed in a blender for a minute or so until it’s not at all lumpy. I use about half for myself, child #4 who is usually the only one up and about at that time, has the rest for her breakfast. This is easy to “eat”, easy to digest and thus transport to the parts of the body needed. If left for even a few minutes in the glass it gets quite gloopy as the oats expand, which is presumably why I feel full, in a good way, without feeling like I’ve eaten a bunch of food. 

I try to remember to hydrate before running, don’t always manage it. For long runs I have water with me.