Monday, rest day

Tuesday, 3-4 long hills, taking an extra recovery day following the race on Sunday, legs feeling a little heavy and frankly I can’t be bothered with hills today. Hills tomorrow perhaps. 

Wednesday, 4.8km target, 7.0km run including 4 hills at pace. Compensated a little for not running yesterday by going a little longer.

Thursday, 6.4km target, 6.3km run, close enough. 5.47 ave pace. Left leg was sore plus usual shin business. Bored with the route 5km between Earley station and Reading station, need to find another I can do on way home.

Friday, rest day

Saturday, 4.8km target, 5.3km run, almost trivial these days to bash out an easy 5k. Good loosener though, got the blood flowing. 5:47 ave pace. 

Sunday, 12.8km target,  12.8km run. Longest run since the half last year. 5:37 ave pace, bit quick. Felt good, no aches and pains to speak of. Wet and ‘orrible though, nice weather for ducks. Caught a few car/puddle sprays, one a full on head to toe soaking, smack in the face. Most considerate, not. Water, sweat and cotton bad combo, sore -ahem- nips.