After my extra training week last week, back on track, 5 weeks from the half and two weeks till the next 10k race. Big mileage week this week, can’t say I’m overly looking forward to it…

Monday – Rest day

Tuesday – 6x 800m intervals, 5-10k pace. Actually ran tomorrow’s 5 miler as that happened to be the distance I needed to run to get home. Reasonably steady pace, bit faster than target at 5:43 average per km. Will do the intervals Wednesday instead. Knee a bit sore, I think that dates back to Christmas when I slipped while drunk and tweaked it. It has been sore at rest for a week or two, noticeable now. Doesn’t bother me while running. Might ice it tomorrow.  L side of left shin, the muscle, sore too but I haven’t rolled it for a couple of days. Too old for this nonsense!

Wednesday -8km target. Ran 5 out of 6 of yesterday’s 800m intervals. Quiched out of the last due to a blister. I’ve gad it a while but did not apply the preventive plaster so it is now throbbing away.  Ave pace 5.05 per km so must have been going sub 5 for the 4km I did at race pace. In fact pace is roughly:

  • Interval 1: 4:20 pkm
  • Interval 2: 4:20 pkm
  • Interval 3: 4:10 pkm
  • Interval 4: 4:15 pkm
  • Interval 5: 4:15 pkm

This is not a pace I can sustain for 10k, probably not for 5k either. I’m a bit worried about my pace management so have a few weeks to sort that out.


Thursday – 9.6km target. Not doing too well this week, one way or another. Forgot to stretch after last night’s intervals so a bit stiff today, plus the blister is still pretty sore. That’s enough for me to skip today’s 10k. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. Will run an extra mile on Saturday to not make up for it.

Friday – rest day

Saturday – 8km target. Ran Thursdays 6 miler, quite good, easy run. 5:30 average pace so a bit fast. Felt fine, no niggles. 

Sunday – 16km target. 16.1km run. Nice morning for a long run. Longest training run since about this time last year. Feel good actually, just the virtuous throb in the quads from hauling my considerable bulk around 10 miles of the Berkshire/Oxfordshire borders. No niggles and no blister bother, combination of bandaid and a dab of vaseline between the toes. Ave pace 5 :40 per km so a little on the fast side. The last few km is a slight downhill so I guess I get a boost without realising it.

Don’t see too many of these now…

Goring 10k race next Sunday, which will be a good test of my pace management in race conditions. Also just 4 weeks till the Half. Yikes.