So far in this plan I should have done 78 runs of varying types and lengths. Because of various foot-related injuries I have not been able to run all of them. In fact I have not been able to run even half of them.

wk13 pie runs

On the plus side, because I’ve focused my running effort on the medium and long runs, I have run most of the km in the plan, about 60% I reckon. I’m pretty happy with that ratio, all things considered.

wk13 pie km

Here is how the week panned out.

Monday – rest day

Tuesday – 4x800s at faster than 5k pace was on the menu, I ordered the vegan option, 4×3:30 on the cross trainer, legs going like the clappers. Not the same, but a reasonable facsimile in the circumstances. This was followed by the usual leg and core sessions.

Wednesday – 6.4km on the plan, 37 minutes runternative on the cross-trainer.

Thursday – 10k on the plan, 10 run. After resting my tibialis posterior for 10 days I decided to risk a run. It was still not 100% but much improved by rest and the resistance band exercises that the physio ordered. I was a little aware of it towards the end of the run, and it was a bit sore afterwards, but not too bad. leg and core session followed later that evening.


Friday – 10k on the plan, 60 minute runternative done on the cross trainer. I wanted to preserve the ankle area for the long run on Sunday.


Saturday – 4.8km on the plan, 28 minutes on the cross-trainer done, followed by a good session in the gym.


Sunday – 35.4km on the plan, 35.4km run. I was properly weary after this run. Most parts of my body hurt. I have not been running as much as I would have liked due to injury so I think these long runs are tougher than they might otherwise be. I completed this run in just over 3h30 moving time, with a few stops for fiddling about on the way.


It is just a training run, of course, but before my restorative bacon sarnie, I was seriously doubting my ability to achieve the sub 3:30 goal I’ve arbitrarily set myself for Brighton. Post-sarnie things began to seem better, so who knows. I still have a 24 mile and a 26 mile run to do in this plan, so my legs have a bit of a chance still to get used to running that long. I do worry about the lack of speedwork I’ve been able to do, only 4 out of 12 sessions so far actually run at effort, the rest have been done lookey-likey style on the cross-trainer. I think I will feel that lack of speedwork on the day. We’ll just have to see, always assuming that it isn’t cancelled due to the dreaded COVID-19.


Long run fuel – this week I stuck to the winning formula, 2 tailwind sachets in one of the 500ml soft flasks, plus a fruit bar and a single SIS gel. I was feeling a bit peckish towards the end, so perhaps I need another gel.

Injury status – I was really feeling my glutes on the long run, but that may have been because I gave them a bit of a hammering in the gym the day before. My left achilles, previously quite quiet, is throbbing a bit after the 22 miler today. The tibialis posterior is still the main event, it hurts a fair bit after running on it for a few hours today. I won’t run on it until Thursday now, so hopefully it will settle down with a few days rest.

Impulse kit purchase – for no real reason I decided to treat myself to more trail shoes. I went for the Terra Ultra 260s from Inov8. They are the widest fitting they do and were available in a 13, my preferred size for running shoes. Once I ramp up the trail running again after Brighton, I will probably alternate between these and the Inov8 Trail Talon 290s I bought just a few weeks ago.


Overall, a good week, if a little sore in places.

wk13 chart

I’ll be back next week for another update, which should include news from the Surrey Half.