After last Sunday’s 20 miler, my foot was sore, the tibialis posterior area.  On sending my weekly update to the physio, he insisted I pop in to see him after work. He declared it to be an unhappy ankle, a little swollen even.  The tendon runs from under the arch, round the underside of the inner ankle bone then up towards the calf.  Mine is most sore around the ankle bone, but also in the upper section.


He taped up the area to offload the tendon which had an immediate effect, lessening the pain particularly in the area next to the ankle bone.  He has also given me some strengthening exercises to do with a high resistance band.


I sent him daily photos of my foot and was supposed to check in with him prior to my first proper run of the week on Thursday.  In the event I decided it wasn’t right and benched myself, not just for that run but through the weekend as well. As we sit here on Sunday evening it is a lot better, but not 100% right. I’ll have to manage it carefully, I have a half marathon race in a couple of weeks. It is deeply annoying to be off the road for this length of time.  As you’ll see, I have been keeping up with the training, after a fashion.

wk12 training

Monday – Rest day

Tuesday – The plan says 4×1 mile repeats at 5-10k pace.  As I have for so many of the speed sessions for this training period, I did this on the cross-trainer.  4×7 minutes with a 2 minute rest per interval.   I suppose I won’t be getting the full benefit of running fast, but it’s better than a poke in the eye.  Legs and core followed.

Wednesday – 6.4km on the plan, 37 minutes on the cross-trainer.

Thursday – 12.8km on the plan, 60 minutes done on the cross-trainer. I missed my usual runch session which I found irritating in the extreme, but needs must.  To be an equivalent effort I should have done 75 minutes but, honestly, I just couldn’t be arsed. I followed this with a pretty good gym session. I’m up to 150 kettle bell swings with the 24 kilo bell, in groups of 50. This by itself is a pretty good workout, but I did the usual leg and core sesh too.

Friday – 12.8km on the plan, a tedious 60 minutes of cross-trainer done in an early morning raid on the gym before work.  See above for levels of enthusiasm.

Saturday – 4.8km on the plan, a 28 minute loosener on the cross-trainer followed by a most enjoyable workout.

Sunday – 20km on the plan. Fortunately, a light week as far as long runs go. I smile to myself when I think of this – not long ago 20km was an epic run, now it’s a rest week. I wasn’t ready to run it, but nor could I face two hours on the cross-trainer. In the end I did an hour on that, then an hour on the bike.  Thank God for Netflix, I got through the best part of 3 episodes of Narcos this morning.  I can’t imagine how tedious it would otherwise be.

So there we are. Although I am benched, I have kept the faith, following the plan in low-impact fashion.  It is easy to get discouraged, being off the road. Thoughts naturally wander to race goals and to what degree they will be compromised by a less than ideal training schedule. I recently read an encouraging article (no link, sorry) which described an admittedly elite athlete achieving a podium finish following months of working around an injury. She too was unable to run for large chunks of her training but got by on low-impact alternatives.  She had a top coach too, mind, I expect that helps!

So, the first week with no running. Annoying, but I am pleased to have got in nearly all the required equivalent.

wk12 chart

Injury status

achilles – occasionally aches a bit but is otherwise quiescent.

patella – not quite right but generally not an issue.  Manageable.

hamstring – still stretching it frequently, still a bit sore but much better. I think the leg curls at the gym are helping.

tibialis posterior – see above!   a work in progress.

That’s it, I’ll be back in a week, by which time I hope to have hit the pavements again.