Over one third of the way through the training for Brighton, time flies when you’re exhausted, achy and hungry ALL THE TIME!


wk7 training

Monday – Rest day! Phew.

Tuesday – plan says 3×1 mile repeats at 5-10k race pace.  Inherent in that abbreviated instruction is an important caveat that I tend to forget.  It’s 5-10k race pace *at the pace you could run a race today*, not your pb from 2 years ago. I was looking forward to this interval session. I made another mistake, opting to do it in the gym instead of outside. big mistake. It was so hot in there, I was a sweaty puddle within minutes. The first mile was hard work but I did it. The second I had to stop for a break mid way, and the third I gave up half way through. It did not go well, or at least not according to plan.  A very hot, sweaty and slightly dejected strength session followed.  We move on.  800s next week, that should be a bit more manageable, and I will do outdoors, I think.


Wednesday – plan says 6.4km, I ran zero. Epic fail. I had a work do in London but had kidded myself I would be back in time and sober enough to bash out a quick recovery run.  Not a chance.  Oh well.  Perhaps drinking wine counts as active recovery?


Thursday – 11.2km on the plan, 11.2km runch by the Thames. A nice easy pace as my colleague was nursing a sore hamstring. It was very pleasant along the river, although there were signs of recent flooding.  Surgical strike to the gym later in the evening saw my leg rehab taken care of with a bonus core strength session.


Friday – 11.2km on the plan, a half-and-half done in the gym I did 5.6km on the treadmill and then the same time again on the bike, for a change. This is the last of my gradual reintroduction of the Friday run, next week I’ll be out and about doing the whole run. Looking forward to it.

Saturday – 4.8km on the plan, equivalent time done on the cross trainer followed by prescribed leg and core sesh.

Sunday – 25.8km on the plan, exactly 25.8km run.  This is the main event, the highlight of my running week. A record distance for me, I had carefully planned my route, running along the Thames from Reading to Henley then back across country. My plans were thwarted by some severe flooding, impassable to all but the desperate.


After getting wet and cold feet trying to find a way through, I bottled it, retracing my steps to find solid ground and eventually the road to Henley. It wasn’t what I had planned, but it did the job. Because of my detour and the doubling back I was a few km short of home when my distance was up. I could have run on but frankly had had enough by that stage, I called in logistical support!  It was a beautiful day, bright and cold with not a breath of wind. With the Thames path in mind, I had decided to wear my Hoka trail shoes so it was annoying to not really need them, particularly as they give me blisters. I had taken steps, slapping on a load of Vaseline to the affected area then covering up with gaffer tape. This worked a treat, no new blisters.


I also tried out some new kit:

Ultra running vest – an inexpensive one of the interweb, it did the job but I think it will get annoying. The soft bottles are difficult to use, the pockets are only accessible if you undo the straps.  I will give it another couple of tries but I suspect I’m going to replace it.

Tailwind nutrition – I liked the flavour, it was not at all difficult to use and it went down nicely with no ill effects.  I will use again.

Clif bar – in general I don’t like these high energy oaty bars, I find them hard going to eat. This one wasn’t too bad.

Decathlon head torch – excellent, very bright.  I only needed it for about half an hour, then it went into the backpack.

Inov8 base layer. I would have loved the merino wool version but that was very expensive. I wore this with a t-shirt and a long sleeved top over that. With a buff and a hat on I was super toasty.

E-touch gloves. The clue is in the name, I suppose, but I hadn’t twigged they would work my phone. I was happy they kept my hands warm, but even happier when I realised I didn’t need to remove them to take a photo or check my route.

Overall, I enjoyed the long(est) run very much, but I am now achy and weary.  What will I be like next month when the runs get up into the 30s?

That’s how my running week went, how was yours?

wk7 chart

I’ll be back next week with another update.