I’m a quarter of the way through the training plan for Brighton Marathon. It has gone quite quickly really, which is a bit sobering. I have some long runs coming up in the training plan, into the late 20s in January, km-wise, and well into the 30s in February. It’s getting real! I managed a pretty good running tally this week, getting the quality session done (albeit on the dreadmill) plus a short 5k, a 10k and the long run, with the others done low-impact stylie on the cross-trainer.

wk5 chart

Here is how my week panned out.

Monday – Planned rest day. Much as I like running, I am always glad of a rest come Monday, particularly as the mileage picks up. I never feel at all tempted to sneak in a run.

Tuesday – Plan – 6x400m intervals at 5k pace.  I did this on the treadmill as I was at the gym anyway.  This is the fastest I’ve moved since September last year, it was good to let rip a bit. I noted with pleasure that during this I passed 1000 miles for 2019, an aribtrary but nonetheless pleasing number. For dessert I had some leg rehab and the cheese course was a core strength job.


Wednesday – Plan – 6.4km run.  I was going to hit the gym and bash out half an hour on the cross-trainer, but I had to collect the car from where we left it after New Year’s Eve.  I made it a circuitous route and did my miles that way.


Thursday – Plan – 9.6k.  I had gym work to do and still need to protect my achilles injury so I bashed out 60 minutes on the cross-trainer. A full leg/core sesh followed.

Friday – Plan – 9.6k.  I’ve signed up to an online thing called MegaMetreRun, I’ve to do 100 10k runs in 2020. If my training for Brighton and subsequent ultras goes according to plan I’ll hit this in July or thereabouts. Every 10k I run contributes to the tally so the temptation to round up anything not quite reaching that is overwhelming. I ran along the Thames Path towards Henley until it meets the Kennet, then back along the Kennet and through a not very lovely part of Central Reading.  10.6k run in total.


Saturday – Plan – 4.8k.  Another gym session so 30 minutes on the cross-trainer, followed by the obligatory leg/core sesh combo.

Sunday – Plan – 22.4km.  The highlight of my running week, the long run.  This week I decided to hit the trails. Obviously Brighton is a road race, but my two even-longer races later in the year are both on trails so I should practice a little.  I won’t do every long run for Brighton on trails, but perhaps 1 in every 3.  I drove up to Streatley, about 20 minutes away, through which the Ridgeway Path passes, parking up where the path leaves a brief period on the road and returns to its natural trail habit.


This was my first run on the Ridgeway so it is not familiar territory. In general the path is pretty well signposted but navigation was a problem a couple of times where I stood with furrowed brow staring at Google Maps. The 11.2km outward section was completed without incident, but I did lose the path on the way back, missing a sharp left turn. I ran on for half a mile or so before realising that I didn’t recognise the route from the way out.


Chuntering to myself I retraced my steps and found the turn, heading back to the car without any further calamity.  I wore the Hokas again, the right instep not bothering me as much, at least for the first 10k, as they had before.  At some point in the next 10k I noticed it was getting sore, thinking that I would come a cropper if that happened in the first 20% of the 100k.  It turned out to be a good sized blister which I was not equipped to deal with. I sucked it up and just ran back to the car, where I was relieved to get off my feet for a while.  I must also report that I have a niggle in the top of my right hamstring, possibly my right glute, or a combination of both. I’ll have to work on those. On the plus side, my achilles didn’t complain at all. Due to the missed turning, I ended up running 24.8km, over a mile longer than the plan. Sigh.


That’s my running week, not bad overall, I feel like the achilles problem is on its way out, I see light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

wk5 training

I’ll be back in a week with another training update.