I’m giving myself a couple of light weeks running after a week of rest following the Oxford Half Marathon. I confess to being impatient to start the training plan for the Brighton Marathon, but that is several weeks off yet.

This last week has seen me run a total of just over 20k, quite a drop from the 60-70k peak of the prep for the Oxford Half.

Two simple 5k looseners during the week to whet my whistle were followed by a very enjoyable 10k on Sunday. I kept to an easy pace, 5:30 to 5:45 minutes per km.

It was fairly cold, about 4°c, but bright. Cold enough to need a longer sleeved layer and a hat to keep my increasingly bare bonce warm, but good running weather. Perfect.

My typical local 10k loop takes me through the Mapledurham estate, a rural scene of fields, farm buildings and lanes.

As usual the resident cows were unimpressed with my running form.

The route is mostly on concrete or tarmac lanes but there is some light trail, a bit boggy in places with the recent rain.

Injury wise, I’m clear of anything debilitating but do have a few niggles I hope will just sort themselves out with a bit of aftercare. None is an issue whilst running.

  • My left knee is a little stiff after running. Not sore as such. I’m running with a knee strap.
  • Top of ham, bottom of glutes on the right leg is sore if I overdo it. Suspect I have a little strain there. Lacrosse ball is just the job.
  • Left achilles/lower calf is a little tender post-run.

Next week things pick up a little, I’m out of recovery and into a 5 week maintenance period. This will gradually ramp up the number and duration of runs before transitioning into the training for Brighton.

I’m looking forward to logging some longer runs.

I’ll be back next week with an update.