I allowed myself a week off after the Oxford Half. Out of habit as much as anything else I bashed out a leisurely 10k the Sunday after. With half an eye on the ultra next year I tried to keep the pace slow – ultra slow, around 45-60 seconds per KM slower than my usual 5:30 training pace. I’m not totally sure what pace to aim at for the 100k, I will think about that some more and test it out in the longer training runs next summer.

For now, though, what to do? I’ve selected a training plan for the Brighton Marathon. It’s a 20 week plan. Having built a decent base this year training for three half marathons, I probably don’t need to do it all but I will anyway. In theory this plan is good for a sub 3:30 marathon, a time which I would be delighted to achieve. Even if I do the full plan, it doesn’t need to start until early December. This means I have 6 weeks of potentially unfocussed running to do. I do want to recover sensibly from the Oxford Half, and I want to keep things ticking over and also to ramp up to meet the demands of the early weeks of the Brighton plan. I’ve devised a half-arsed plan for these six weeks to keep me running.

between races

*all distances are in km

Light duties this week (recovery 2), just three runs, then building up in number and duration until I’m synching nicely with the start of the Brighton plan. I’m adding in one quality session to the maintenance weeks, just some hill repeats. As much as anything else this is just to mix it up a little, plus it will get me into the rhythym of the main plan which also has a weekly quality session.

I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with an update.