​Monday, rest day

Tuesday, 4-5 hills, 5k pace. 5 hills duly run, dunno if it was 5-10k pace, but certainly quicker then my normal easy pace. Got the blood pumping at any rate. Forgot my head torch, still haven’t used it!

Wednesday, 8km target, 8km run. Heavy legs, after last night’s hills perhaps. 5:50 ave pace. Aches and pains prevalent post -run. Left shin again, lower right calf and also lower back a bit. Feeling my age to be frank. Rest days are becoming a very welcome necessity. Christened my head torch though, yay!

Thursday, 4.8km target, 5km run. Easy pace although average was a little lower than I’m aiming for at 5:30 average, with 3 splits at 5.20 which is about half a minute per km faster than I’m intending for training runs. Spring in my step tonight, clearly.  L shin a little sore, otherwise good. Foam roller session. Looking forward to the rest day tomorrow. 

Friday, rest day

Saturday, 4.8km target, 5.75km run. Overdid the distance but was really enjoying the run, the rest day makes a big difference. Easy-ish pace, 5.40 average. Race day tomorrow.

Sunday, 9.6km target, 10k run in race conditions so fast splits, 5.00 average according to my Garmin. I haven’t checked the race website for my chip time but it should be about the same. Enjoyed it. See separate race report for details.