2016 in review

785 km recorded in total.  January through to March is the training ramp for the Reading Half Marathon which was in early April. The strange profile after that is injury-related. I picked up a niggle in the run-up to the Half which I made worse by pushing on through the race and suffered as a result. I could barely walk afterwards!  The right-side injury seemed to move around from groin to hip-flexor to IT band to butt. May and June low totals were abortive attempts to return to running, too soon.

I needed to give it some serious recovery time.


I took about 8 weeks out, no running from about mid-June through to mid-August when I laced up my runners for a gentle return in sunny France while on holiday. Back in the proverbial saddle at that point, no sign of niggles. Held at that level until December which includes the first couple of weeks of the training plan for the 2017. Feeling good for 2017, first race in 6 days!