Monday – Rest day

Tuesday – target 6.4km fartleks. 0 km run. Hmm. Epic fail. Visiting with family, too much to eat and drink. Knee giving me gyp too, after I tweaked it slipping down some stairs whilst mildly inebriated. Have convinced myself it would be best to add an extra rest day. Wanted to try out my new head torch too. Boo hoo.

Wednesday – 8km target, hmm again. Ran Tuesday’s target of 4 miles fartleks.  Certainly ran the 4m but managed only one speedier segment, frankly couldn’t be arsed after that. Plodded my way around. Lovely morning though. 6.2km, 5:52 ave pace, quite uneven splits.

Thursday – 4.8km target. Ran the 8km I should have run the day before. Glorious morning, frosty but bright sunshine. -3 c and a bit slippy underfoot. Knee a background  issue, left calf a little tight. Foam roller for you son. Very enjoyable run, and this cow was super impressed with my running form…

Friday – 4.8km needed, 5km run, 6.08 ave pace. Ultra slow pace as extremely slippery underfoot, managed to stay upright but only just on a couple of occasions. Saw a slo-mo car crash due to black ice. Traction very much at a premium for drivers as well as runners. Grass verges most of the way for me, although the transition to icy tarmac in any gaps was tricky. Hard work in general.

Saturday – 4.8km, 0 km run, decided to take a rest day as running  5 days on the bounce a bit much for my old bones. Saving myself for the long run Sunday.

Sunday, New Years Day- 11.2km target, 11.2km run. Very satisfying precisely 7 mile loop run, door to door.  Certainly true that running helps mitigate the effects of a hangover, but it doesn’t seem to work the other way around – ie being moderately hung over does not improve my running. Heavy legs today. Still, splits even, average pace 5:51 per km.

So that’s Week 2 of training for the Reading Half.  Week 3 ends with the Woodcote 10k.