I’m following a plan I found on Cool running.com. It’s aimed at first time halfers with a baseline capability, or anyone aiming for 1:45 to 2:00 race times. I am aiming for 1:50 so this should work. Last time around I sort of followed this plan but not religiously, I rarely ran the prescribed 5 times a week and managed 1:54:42. I’m planning to follow the plan more exactly and hope to beat that and come in under 1:50.

Week 1 log then:

Sunday, long run- 10k run vs 10k target, Mapledurham estate, see picture. Incidentally, Mapledurham was used as the location for The Eagle Has Landed, including the water mill where Jerry was revealed. Nice run, not too cold, average pace 5:48. Ran the long hill in one hit which felt good. Technically this was the last run prior to commencing week 1 but what the hey.

Monday, fartleks, 6.4k run vs 6.4k target. Not used to running at anything other than leisurely training pace so it felt a bit weird to go faster periodically. Included a longish hill.

Tuesday, 6.8k run vs 6.4 target, training pace, ave 5:51. Bit chilly wish I’d taken my leggings. Flat run, felt good. Bit of soreness left shin and weird jelly leg thing as I was getting going.  Put it down to being sat still for an hour on the train beforehand. Was fine once I got going. The shin pain is a bit of a worry, hope not shin splints.

Wednesday, rest day

Thursday, 6.67k run vs 6.4k target. Search continues for the elusive exactly 4 mile loop local to me. Thought I’d nailed it today, but slightly too long. Nice run, very quiet. Made a nice change for me to be running during the day on a weekday, normally an evening activity. Ave pace 5:46, a little quicker than I’m aiming for, and also quite uneven splits. No jelly legs today, had a go at them with the foam roller on Wednesday. Left shin still sore, right side about half way down, not muscular far as I can tell. I vaguely recall something similar last year which went away once the mileage ramped up. Maybe a strength thing, we’ll see.

Friday, should be a rest day but juggling schedule due to xmas. 4.8k needed, 5.7 run, misjudged the route. Shin less bothersome. Went just after sun-rise, quite gloomy weather. Not one of those runs where you are glad to be out.

Saturday – long run today as xmas tomorrow.  Heavy legs today, calves in particular tight.  Also, turns out that two big waffles, Maple syrup, coffee and washed down with two Krispy Kreme donuts is NOT perfect fuel for a run. Almost enjoyed it for a second time around km 8. 6m or 9.6km needed for this run , ran 10km, ave pace 5:38 , too fast- that heavy metal playlist too gung-ho perhaps. Fairly even splits. Glad of a couple of rest days.