Along with many others I am feeling somewhat deflated. Brighton Marathon has been postponed until September, which puts the mockers on this training block. Stepping right back from it, I am aware that I have gained from this 3 or 4 months of training. I am stronger, have more miles in my legs, and have learnt to work around injury and still achieve running goals.  That’s all well and good, but for now I’m going to wallow in a bit of self pity. It is deeply annoying to have worked so hard with a specific goal in mind only to have that goal whipped away like some cheap magic trick.  Anyhow, back to Week 15.

wk15 training

I added to my usual Monday rest day, taking it easy after my exertions in the Surrey Half, so Monday to Wednesday were spent doing nowt.

Thursday – the usual runch affair, a lightweight 8km on the plan, a riverside 8km achieved. I was aware of feeling slightly chesty during the run, but completed it with no difficulties.  By the evening I was feeling pretty shitty so didn’t go to the gym, and in fact headed early to bed.


Friday – 8km on the plan, but the day was a dead loss. I took a rare day off work sick, feeling generally crap. Events being what they are, I did check my temperature and the 111 website, but concluded I did not fit the symptoms for Covid 19, just a regular case of man flu.

Saturday – 4.8km on the plan, nothing doing, see above.  By the evening I was fairly sure I would be ok to tackle the big long run the next day.

Sunday – 38.6km on the plan, 5.7km run, sort of.  I was up for it, I really was.  I left the house fully intending to run the lot, but made it about 3km then had a coughing fit which stopped me in my tracks. I declared defeat then, no point in forcing the issue and making myself more ill in the process.  It was easier than it might have been to call it a day given the race itself is off, I can just do the distance next weekend if I like.

wk15 chart

So, Brighton went out with a whimper, not a bang. Now I have to decide what to do. There are still 5 weeks to go until the original date for the marathon. I could complete my training block, perhaps running the race distance locally on the day.  Or I could pivot to the next race, the 50k trail ultra in July.  Or I could spend a few weeks focused on getting shot of the various niggles that I have.  This latter option seems like the most sensible one.  I’ll have a chat to the physio, I’m sure he’ll say the same thing.  It might also be an opportunity to sign up a coach, get me on the road to being an injury-proof endurance machine.

I think this will most likely be the last of the Brighton Training updates, I’ll be back soon with whatever’s next.