Well that didn’t end the way I expected it to!  I should have been in London for a 10k today, but like many other races it was cancelled due to the high winds, courtesy of Storm Ciara.  I’m relieved, to be honest, I think it would have been deeply unpleasant to race in these conditions, plus I have a couple of niggles to look after. It would not have been a pb attempt anyway, probably some distance off given the conditions. So, the training continues.  Here is how my week went.

wk10 training

Monday – Rest day

Tuesday – I switched the 800s to Wednesday in the hope that my sore ankle would be improved enough, so 47 minutes on the cross-trainer in place of what should have been Wednesday’s 8km run. The usual leg and core session followed.


Wednesday – Tuesdays 6x800s on the plan, but physio says no, I should avoid speedwork and hills until my tibialis posterior tendon/muscle calms down. More on that later.  I decided to make the best job I could of the intervals using the cross-trainer. I did a 5 minute warm up the 6 lots of 3:30 minutes at higher resistance and greater speed, with 2 minutes rest between. This was a carbon copy of my last 800s session that I ran outdoors. It’s probably not quite the same, but I certainly felt like I’d worked hard by the end of it.


Thursday – Runch by the river, 12.8km per the plan. The longest mid-week run on the plan, this 12.8km was a lovely run along the river, starting out misty but ending in glorious winter sunshine. Later on I popped to the gym to crack out a good leg and core session. My daughter persuaded me to try some barbell squats, some compound moves to make a change from the machines, but that lasted about 10 seconds as it quickly became clear that my injury didn’t appreciate that move.  Never mind, another time.


Friday – 12.8km planned, 12.8km run.  For this back-to-back run I dusted off the route I’ve run numerous times in the past, a nice loop that is almost exactly the required distance. I headed out in the dark, getting some use out of my new(ish) head torch but the lighter mornings are beginning to tell, most of the run was in good light.


Saturday – 16km moved from Sunday. The 10k race was cancelled on Friday evening so it was an easy decision to avoid the tender embrace of Ciara and do the long run in good conditions on Saturday instead.  My son was playing football in Goring so after dropping him off I headed up the Ridgeway to just past North Stoke then headed back again, in time to see most of the second half.  They won 3-1 so a good morning was had by all.


Sunday – 8km moved from Saturday, and equivalent effort done on the cross-trainer, followed by another good leg and core strength session.


Long run fuel – Long is a relative term, 16km no longer really counting as long.  I had some toast for breakfast, took a banana for post-run num nums but took nothing on the run itself other than a single SIS gel, apple flavour. No special measures.

Injury status:

  • Left achilles – pretty quiet these days, the rehab is doing its job. It sometimes aches after doing weights or a long run but generally not an issue any more. Result!
  • Left patella – I often forget to run with a strap, usually no biggie.  Manageable.
  • Right hamstring/glute – not been too bad, have been running within myself so not aggravated it too much. The strength work and stretching are beginning to make a difference. I think.  A work in progress, for sure.
  • Right tibialis posterior tendon/muscle.  This hurts like a bastard quite a lot of the time. I can run on it, although it turns out trail running, uneven surfaces and all that sliding about, isn’t good for it.  It’s not an especially common injury but is on the list of running injuries. Sadly there is no quick fix, I just have to do the strengthening exercises with a bit of ice and stretching thrown in for good measure. Tedious.

At the half-way point, the plan is on track.

w10 chart

That’s it for this week, tune in at the same time for the next exciting instalment.