I remain focused on getting back to running as soon as it’s safe to do so.  I have been quite religious about gym visits, and am stepping up the weights each visit. I’m quite enjoying it, actually, although the gods of irony are on their game. Bearing in mind that I’m there to overcome a couple of injuries,  I so far have acquired more injuries than I started with!  I have sprained the other ankle in a hurried dismount from a cross-trainer, pulled an adductor longus on a medieval cable leg extension contraption, then did something to my upper thigh, somewhere in the hip flexor region. Fortunately none of these is bad, all have settled down/gone after 2 or 3 days, but I tell ya, this gym business is not good for you!

I am still restricting myself to one run a week, the remaining “runs” replaced with either bike rides or sessions on the ankle sprainer cross-trainer.  I have zero training as a physio, obviously, but I if was to bet, I’d say both the patella and the achilles are improved.  Not there yet, perhaps, but improved.  I will go see the physio for a check-in at some point this week if I can fit it in, next week for sure.  I have hopes of being able to ease myself in to the start of the training for Brighton during December, but we’ll have to see.  If it takes longer, and I end up being less well prepared for Brighton, so be it, I can always adjust my goal time accordingly.  Brighton is in any case not an end in itself, merely the opening salvo in my preparations for the A-est of next year’s A races – the 100k in September.


Here is how my week shaped up.

Monday – 6km bike commute, plus core and posterior chain session at home.

Tuesday – 8km bike commute, plus gym session focused on iffy leg.


Wednesday – 8km bike commute, plus core and posterior chain session at home

Thursday – 6km run! A lunchtime loosener along the Thames Path near work at Richmond.  I ran with a colleague, a nice change from running solo. It was pretty gloomy weather, but more or less dry, so mustn’t grumble.


Friday – core & posterior chain session at home

Saturday – 30 mins on the cross-trainer plus leggy session in the gym


Sunday – 29km ride in lieu of long run.  I more or less repeated the route from last week.  It was not quite as cold out, so I quickly got quite warm everywhere except my tootsies which were still pretty cold even with two pairs of socks on. I would much rather be running, but now I am slightly obsessed about cracking the foot temperature cycling problem.


That’s it for last week, here we go again.


I’ll be back next week, hopefully with news from the physio.